Retail Channels

The MoniSend service is available on Integrated POS, stand-alone POS and can be accessed via USSD making it accessible to all GSM mobile phones in the market. The service can be integrated into any existing Mobile Wallet as a part of the service offering.

Integrated POS

MoniSend is deployed in the leading supermarket group in Africa enabling cross border airtime top-up to take place at the store counter.

This service allows migrant customers of the supermarket to buy airtime for the loved ones back in their country of origin in dynamic and real-time fashion negating the need to send physical cash home to be used to buy airtime.

Stand-alone POS

GPRS based Mobile point of sale terminals running MoniSend are deployed in fuel retailers and individual retail businesses across the MoniSend countries.

Any retailer can benefit from deploying a stand-alone POS terminal in order to sell international top-up and bill collections through MoniSend to their customers.


Informal traders and street vendors can also form part of the MoniSend value chain through use of their smart of feature phones to access the MoniSend international airtime top-up and bill payments application.

This is a mobile phone and mobile handset agnostic application available to anyone with a mobile phone who wishes to sell our products.

USSD Example

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